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Rosetta Blitz Deck Collection (ENG) - Flesh and Blood

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Ready-to-play out of the box, the Rosetta Collection provides everything you need to venture into the forests of Candlehold. Includes Florian, Verdance, Aurora, and Oscilio Blitz Decks, 2 Rosetta booster packs to customise the decks, and a beautiful Seed of Candlehold rubber playmat, all packaged inside a 1000ct Rosetta storage box. A great product for new players and casual gamers, or as a beautiful gift for a Flesh and Blood fan in your life.
Product Configuration: 
• 4 Rosetta Blitz Decks (Aurora, Florian, Oscilio, Verdance) each containing 40 cards, plus hero, weapon, equipment, and token cards 
• 2 Rosetta booster packs 
• 1 "Seed of Candlehold" rubber playmat
• Packaged inside a reusable 1000ct storage box 
• Available in English

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